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Spiritual poems by Yvonne Williams

Looking backward.....is clearer most times than looking ahead!

As I reflect on the winding path the Lord has lead me on, I can begin to see the purpose of it all. I was supernaturally delivered from alcoholism in 1984 when I heard a Voice say "You will never drink again!" Contained within this voice was also a "knowing" that if I did choose to violate this deliverance, that there would be very definite and critical consequences. Thankfully, I have never violated that Voice nor even been tempted by alcohol since then. My thirst was replaced by a thirst to know God and to be around God's people. Boy was I surprised when I started attending "church!" Surprised at the collection of folk who claim to be God's people and God's mouthpiece in the earth today. I've since learned to be careful in discerning His Body. He draws us, and we are all in need of help and cleansing. But, everyone in those early days of my journey had their "bags packed" and couldn't hardly wait to get out from this old sinful place down here below. They preached it, sang about it, and lived like they were not staying. Shucks, I just got here, and everyone seems ready to fly away!

I never could receive the Rapture teachings. They just simply did not "ring true." I later discovered their origin and how they have infiltrated the church only since the late 1800's.

I could never find a Fellowship that Discipled their members. I know the Discipleship Movement gave discipleship a bad name several years ago, however, discipleship is not an option for New Testament Believers, it is mandatory and foundational. "Go and make disciples" is still the trumpet I hear!

My heart has always been drawn to the tabernacle and especially to the Holy of Holies. Many years ago I "saw" the Scripture in Hebrew 9:8-11a: "By this the Holy Spirit signifies (tells in symbols) that so long as the first tent stands (Outer Court, Holy Place) the WAY into the sanctuary (Holy of Holies) remains unrevealed. All this is symbolic, pointing to the present time. The offerings and sacrifices there prescribed CANNOT give the worshipper inward PERFECTION. It is only a matter of food and drink and various rites of cleansing - outward ordinances in force until the time of reformation. But NOW Christ HAS come (It is finished!), high priest of good things ALREADY IN BEING. New English Bible

As long as we are stuck in the Outer Court, even Holy Place-realm of sin-consciousness, selfishness, and even doing many mighty things in His name, however, not laying down our life to be emptied by Him, and filled by Him, then the Way into the Holiest of All is not yet manifest to us! Are we walking according to the measure of faith we have been given? What are we praying for? Things? Or people? The Outer Court and Holy Place do have a very specific Work to do, and that is to deal with our lower natures. Allow that realm to have It's Way. Put off the old man. The Greek words translated "put off" carry the weight of a flinging as far away from one's self as possible. Throw off the old feller! And, don't forget to put on the new, by study, meditating the Word and Spirit, Fellowshipping with like-minded Believers. Let us move on.....to perfection (maturity - wholeness and completion) Hebrews 6:1

I have had a hunger for eschatology, studies in final things, end-time events. One day I heard the Holy Spirit ask me "Do you know what time it is?" Later on that same day a lady opened our Office door and asked "Can you tell me what time it is?" I remembered that the Sons of Issachar knew well their times and seasons. I began an intense study and was not surprised to learn simply that we are in the New Covenant, that the Kingdom of God did come in as a mustard seed, and as leaven, and IS currently growing and leavening, until the whole finally becomes risen - to maturity. It IS finished! To say that we are living in the last days is to proclaim that we are in the Outer Court realm and under the ordinances of the Old Testament. For "God who in sundry times and in diverse manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in THESE LAST DAYS spoken unto us by His Son..... Heb 1:1,2
Galatians 4:4 But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law;
The Fullness of Time came when Christ came. Read the above scriptures again. Did these folk know what Time it was?

Paul said that the time of the end was so near that if you were not married, there was not time to take a wife, only work for the Lord, and we read over in 1st John that he saw them being in the last HOUR. No longer last days. The term last days is extremely important because it refers to the taking away of the First that He may establish the Second. It was literally the end of the old Jewish world that began at Mt. Sinai with the building of Moses' tabernacle and the organizing of the twelve tribes of Israel.

To proclaim yourself in the Last Days literally, in my research, puts yourself under the blood of bulls and goats, under the elementary teachings of Christ found in the old Testament. Hebrews 6:1,2 encourages us "...leaving the principals of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on to perfection (the glory-realm); not laying AGAIN the foundation of repentence from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of the laying on of hands, and of resurrection from the dead, and of eternal (age-abiding) judgement. - Hebrews 6:1 starts out with the word therefore....which means that in light of what has been said in chapters 1,2,3,4,& 5, in light of all that, therefore, let us go on.... The words (let us) go on mean the same as the putting off we spoke of above. It means a getting away from, as getting away from a dead body. A dead body was something to be strictly avoided in the Jewish culture because of contamination! And that is exactly what the writer is speaking of here. Not being contaminated with the old, which is now dead, but, accepting faith in Christ and the Melchisedec Priesthood, which is the new and eternal (age-abiding) Order of things.

As long as they were tied to the First-tent realm and priesthood, there could be no advance. In fact, the danger was of regression. You cannot stand still in your walk with the Lord. And no mixture is allowed. You are either in the realm of the New Covenant or the Old. Can you hear this trumpet? Let us not forget both the goodness and the severity of God, Romans 11:22. There IS a price to pay for disobedience and dullness. You may not even realize that you are in need of this so-great salvation that was ready to be revealed in the last time: "Therefore we should give the MORE earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. For if the word spoken by Angels was steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of retribution; How shall we escape, if we neglect SO GREAT SALVATION;

There is a severe side to God. That's why I had trouble reconciling the "All-Good God" theory of many of the metaphysicians I read and heard. Look at the history of Israel. Look at what Christ said to the religious folk who rejected him and filled up the cup of their forefathers, and were targets of His wrath and Judgement that came in 70AD. The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom, and knowledge of the holy (or holy things) is understanding.

"For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall you hear in ALL things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, [that] every soul, which will not hear the prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. Yea, and ALL THE PROPHETS from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold....of THESE DAYS. Acts 3:22-24.
This pretty CLEARLY establishes two of my former points:
They were the ones in the last days. And, there are severe consequences for not listening to the Voice of Christ, even in the New Covenant Dispensation of grace we are in now.

More to come on this subject...stay tuned! :-))

History of Ascension Hill

Ascension Hill was birthed as a "seed" in 1991 upon awakening one morning. I received the words and a slight "knowing" of what the Holy Spirit was planting. Over the years I have received additional input from the Holy Spirit, however, I knew that my Hour had not yet come.
Around Easter of 2001 the Spirit began to quicken me that it is Time to be about my Father's business. Ascension Hill is a place where those who desire to be all Christ has Called them out to be can come and get Washed and fitted for their work in ministering. "For as we have many members in One body, and all members have not the same office. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us ....." Romans 12:5, 6a Come and discover your gift and Calling. Learn to walk worthy of it!

Eventually we will have provison for those who want to live in community. Both servants and shephards.

Psa 15:1 A Psalm. Of David. Lord, who may have a resting-place in your tent, a living-place on your holy hill?
Psa 15:2 He who goes on his way uprightly, doing righteousness, and saying what is true in his heart;
Psa 15:3 Whose tongue is not false, who does no evil to his friend, and does not take away the good name of his neighbour;
Psa 15:4 Who gives honour to those who have the fear of the Lord, turning away from him who has not the Lord's approval. He who takes an oath against himself, and makes no change.
Psa 15:5 He who does not put out his money at interest, or for payment give false decisions against men who have done no wrong. He who does these things will never be moved.

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We see Ascension as the progressive Realization of your Identity, gift and Calling. The laying down of that which is of the earth and earthly that you may put on that which is of the heavens and heavenly. 1 Cor 15: 47, 48 Learning to walk in the Spirit as Spiritual. Paul said in 1 Cor 3:1ff that he could not speak to the Corinthians as Spiritual but as carnal, even as babes in Christ because of their envying, strife, and divisions. The writer of the book of Hebrews stated that he could not minister strong meat to his hearers because they were NOT established in the word concerning Righteousness. He said they had BECOME dull of hearing. The Greek word dull means a progression BACKWARDS! These folk had at one time been much further along, however, because they did not CONTINUE walking in what they had, they actually went backwards and became babes again, needing teachers.

Mark 4:23, 24 says to be CAREFUL what (and how) you HEAR. With the amount of careful thought and study (as to obey) that which you hear, the same measure of effectiveness will be measured back to you, and more besides. However, if you do not cautiously take heed to meditate and apply what Truth you hear, even what you had will be TAKEN (v25). The Amplified bible adds: taken from him by force!
Can you "SEE" that it is easy to go backwards in your walk with God, and not even know it...until you end up in a ditch! It is called the snare of the fowler. The sin which does so easily beset you. The fowler puts his trap directly in the Path of his prey. Their habitual trail. Works most every time! You do not have to drift off course very much to miss the mark entirely at the end!

Become establsihed in the Word concerning righteousness. Get back in the race that is set before you. The only race that matters! Get back on Course. Today is the Day of YOUR so-great salvation. Redeem the Time. Understand what the will of the Lord is concerning you and yours.

We will be interceding for those who read these lines that good seed falls on good ground and brings forth much fruit. John 15:8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. Selah: Pause and reflect calmly on that. Amen.

Ascension is ususally a slow process, a dying daily to the flesh and the purifying of the heart by the washing by the water of the Word. Both Logos & Rhema. Allowing the Word to become Flesh. Re-newing the mind to who you are and why you agreed to come here. Re-membering. A putting off of the old and a putting on of the new. You cannot put new wine into old wine skins.

Psa 24:1 On the first day of the week, a psalm for David. The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof: the world, and all they that dwell therein.
Psa 24:2 For he hath founded it upon the seas; and hath prepared it upon the rivers.
Psa 24:3 Who shall ascend into the mountain of the Lord: or who shall stand in his holy place?
Psa 24:4 The innocent in hands, and clean of heart, who hath not taken his soul in vain, nor sworn deceitfully to his neighbour.
Psa 24:5 He shall receive a blessing from the Lord, and mercy from God his Saviour.
Psa 24:6 This is the generation of them that seek him, of them that seek the face of the God of Jacob.
Psa 24:7 Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lifted up, O eternal gates: and the King of Glory shall enter in.
Psa 24:8 Who is this King of Glory? the Lord who is strong and mighty: the Lord mighty in battle.
Psa 24:9 Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lifted up, O eternal gates: and the King of Glory shall enter in.
Psa 24:10 Who is this King of Glory? the Lord of hosts, he is the King of Glory.