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Spiritual poems by Yvonne Williams


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Spiritual poems by Yvonne Williams


Cloudy becomes clear as life's cycles
whirl me and transform me ...
and I am merged into the crystal sea
of perfected humanity;
In the midst of a dark night
I can see but one light,
not with my sight but with my spirit,
It pulls me and causes me to yearn
for the brightness I once knew,
It calls me and beckons me come;
It says, remember, remember,
I have not forsaken you ...
I simply call you to a higher place;
a place where you can stay,
a place where you will doubt no more;
Where your fears will be banished forever
and a place where the light you once knew is dimmed
by the brightness of the fulness of my light;
Yes, cloudy becomes clear,
whirl me oh circumstance
and throw me into the fulness of thy light
that I might forever be one with my creator ...
one with all creation.

Stream 2

Healing Leaves for the Nations...

We speak and do not know why,
We act and do not perceive,
We walk through the dark without a light
but are pushed by a force beyond  
to take the right step and turn the right way;

This is faith without thought ...

This is trust without measure ...

This is the multiplication of the lily 
in the cold of winter when all lies dormant
and the warmth of the sun ceases to penetrate the soil
and all that lies beneath;

This is the maturing of the saints ...

This is the healing of the soul ...

it just happens.

There is a stream in every man's soul . . .
waiting to be released ...
waiting for the thirsty to come ...
waiting for the damn to break so her clear,
cool, pure taste can refresh the weary
and give life to the dead.
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